5 Minute Meditations for a Parenting Time Out

Parenting is stressful and can take you to your capacity in no time flat. Try one of four 5-minute guided meditations to find calm and move through your day with more peace.

5 Minute Meditations for a Parenting Time Out

Parenting is stressful and can take you to your emotional, physical, and mental capacity in no time flat. Even though gentle parenting is all the rage and we might not do time out with our kids, sometimes we still need a parent “time out.” I created four 5-minute meditations for moms (or really, any parent!) that you can use at specific moments of your day when you need a second to regroup and carry on.

I’ve been practicing mindfulness meditation for 6 years and have experienced a dramatic decrease in anxiety and increased ability to regulate my emotions. And if you really don’t have 5 minutes for a meditation, I have some accompanying affirmations for moms that you can use on the go.

I created four 5-minute guided meditations with suggested times of day or scenarios for you to use them, so that you can stack them into your daily routine. If you do all four in a day, that’s 20 minutes of meditation right there!

1) For a Transition Moment

Use this one as a way to transition from one part of your day to another, eg transitioning from work to being with the kids, transitioning after dinner before a family activity, or while waiting in the school pickup car line.


Peace is as near as my next round of breath.
I can show up to everything life brings my way and navigate it with grace.

2) For when you’re triggered by chaos or big feelings

Use this meditation when you need a few minutes to regroup before or after an intense moment of chaos or big feelings. This one will remind you of your capacity to hold space for your kids’ big emotions without entering their chaos. Maybe there’s a certain unavoidable activity in your life that usually feels rough to get through like taking kids to medical appointments that cause kid meltdowns or rushing out the door to get somewhere. Stack this meditation onto that moment.


I am capable.
I can hold space without entering into the chaos.

3) For when you feel touched out or overstimulated

Use this meditation when you get overwhelmed. We all have those moments when the noise level is too much, the needs are too many, and you need to tap out. Set the kids in front of a screen for 5 minutes and commit to returning to your breath and your body.


My body is my own.
I offer myself freely as a gift of love to those around me.
I can find a peaceful place within myself.
I am grounded by gravity and supported by the earth.

4) For the end of the day

This one is very easy to tie to the kids’ bedtime routine. Get them in bed and then take 5 minutes for yourself to decompress. You could even listen to this one while doing some nightly chores (meditative dishwashing, get into it!).


Peace lives in the present moment.
I let go of the past and make space for joy.

Bonus: Create an affirmation card keyring

Sometimes you don’t even have 5 minutes, and I get that. I like to take index cards, punch a hole through the corner, put them on a keyring, and write affirmations. I can throw it in my purse and pull it out when I need a little moment of encouragement. Only write affirmations that feel true and resonate with you, otherwise, you'll just annoy yourself.