cropped-FullSizeRender_3.jpgA few years ago, I found myself at an AA meeting listening to a speaker with many years of sobriety under her belt. Side note, do yourself a favor and google “Richard Rohr + Emotional Sobriety” and let your mind be transformed. Back to the meeting, though–this speaker said something that jumped out at me:

“The goal is to be healthy, happy, joyous, and free–in an unselfish way.”

In writing I’ve found a way to shake free the thoughts that have been sticking in my head, get them out in front of me, and see them for what they actually are. In this process, I find freedom. In the past six years, I’ve taken basically everything in my life under a microscope to examine what is true to the heart of me. I’ve examined my faith in Jesus deeply and have come out on the other side changed.

I’m a wife and mom. I’m passionate about family, yoga, and knowing myself and others deeply. I share honestly about mental health, faith, and modern motherhood. I’m desperate to communicate to my generation that we very much still belong in the church, and in fact, they need us because we’re the future of the church. I’m living and learning in San Diego, where I’m a member of an incredible neighborhood-based faith community.