Circling Prayer

Drawing inspiration from early Celtic Christians, we can embrace the practice of "circling prayers" or caim, symbolizing a sacred space and the encompassing love of God. By physically drawing a metaphorical circle around ourselves as we pray, we invite our entire being—body, mind, soul, and spirit—into communion with the divine, into a sense of resting in the safety of that relationship. This practice acknowledges the profound interconnectedness of all creation and invokes a sense of protection, sanctuary, and unity.

Find a place where you can pray this embodied form of the Caim, preferably outside, in nature.

Keeping your eyes open, take a few conscious breaths while beginning to pay attention to all that you can take in with your senses. Notice what you can see, taste, feel, smell, hear. Take a moment to try and identify the farthest away sound that you can hear and welcome into your circling prayer. Then take a moment to try and identify the closest sound that you can hear, and welcome it as well.

When you feel ready, turn your body to face north. Bring your arm out in front of you with your pointer finger outstretched. As you say the prayer, turn your body in a clock-wise circle, from North, to East, to South, to West and ending at North again. Notice that as you rotate your body, your outstretched arm is creating a circle that includes all that you can see.

Facing North: Circle us Spirit, where roots run deep. Keep inner strength near, keep self-doubt far.
Facing East: Circle us Spirit, where the sunrise gleams. Keep trust near, keep fear far.
Facing South: Circle us Spirit, under the sun's warm kiss. Keep growth near, keep stagnation far.
Facing West: Circle us Spirit, where the waters flow. Keep wisdom near, keep ignorance far.
Ending facing North: May you be the firm ground beneath us
May you be the protective canopy above us
May you be the comforting guide behind us
May you be the steady compass before us.
Point us toward wholeness, both now and forever.

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