November 2022

Yes, of course, we want to learn from mentors and elders, but ultimately, those people are only human themselves with their own limited perspectives.

November 2022

I have the words “you know what to do” tattooed on my inner right wrist. They propel me forward many days as I press into following dreams that I have been too scared to chase for years.

I have always been an excellent judge of character. In Christianity we call that discernment, and it’s also known as having a really low bullsh** tolerance level. Just ask my sisters–they would often hear me complain about friends of theirs in high school or college that I thought weren’t worth their time. I don’t think I’ve ever fallen under the influence of someone who others like just because they’re “cool.”

Over the past 6 years especially, that discernment has started to turn a bit cynical; a mistrust toward people who have power, money, and influence. I feel justified with a perspective that goes something like “guilty until proven innocent.” At the very least, I’m gonna be wary.

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