My Sister and I Take Taylor Swift Very Seriously

Listen to my sister and I discuss Taylor Swift's new album, the Tortured Poets Department.

My Sister and I Take Taylor Swift Very Seriously
The Tortured Poets Department

My sister Shanna and I are only 18 months apart in age and our entire life has been a constant flow of conversations. Over the last several years particularly as she became a mother for the first time, our conversations have centered around the intersections of pop culture, motherhood, feminism, parenting, religion, and everything in between.

Taylor Swift released her album The Tortured Poets Department on Friday, April 19, and we haven't stopped texting about it since, so we thought we'd discuss. We dive deep with a focus on themes of feminism, self-identity, and pop culture. We explore our own emotional connections to her lyrics, Swift's portrayal of experiences, and critiques on her approach to complex topics. The discussion encompasses the narrative arc of the album, our thoughts on Taylor identifying with the Romantic Era of art, and we tease out the themes of relationships, self-discovery, and faith deconstruction represented in the music.

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