In short, I'm exploring post-evangelical Christianity, talking about meditation, mental health & motherhood and writing my first memoir. Subscribe to my newsletter here.

In writing I’ve found a way to shake free the thoughts that have been sticking in my head and see them for what they actually are. In meditation I've found a way to heal from lifelong anxiety and offer myself compassion on a daily basis.

I grew up in the white Evangelical church and identified in that way until 2014, when I had my first baby. I always thought my ultimate goal in life was to be a Christian wife and mother, until I actually became those things and then they began revealing to me that I actually wanted so much more from life–and had more to offer, too.

That sent me on a years-long spiral where I started questioning everything. It was super painful and for a while, all I could hear were the voices telling me that I no longer belonged to the culture that raised me.

After a few years, and countless books, podcasts, and conversations, I’m starting to feel more confident identifying myself as a Christian again and trying to find a comfortable place for myself under the large umbrella of what that word can mean.

I never wanted to lose my faith or Christian identity, and I’ve learned that I don’t have to–even though my beliefs look radically different than they used to. I’ve also learned that abandoning myself for the sake of conditional belonging is never worth it.

I still find a lot of wisdom and beauty in the life of Jesus, the words of the Bible and the ancient traditions of Christianity, and I also draw inspiration from other traditions, particularly different types of meditation. I love sharing information, practices, and resources that will help lead you toward healthy spirituality. I also talk often about my experiences with motherhood and mental health, and I’m currently writing a book about all of these things!

If that resonates, stick around as I explore what authentic, reality-based faith looks like in a post Evangelical landscape.

Hi, I'm Chelsea