Advent 2023 Guided Meditations

May these meditations help you experience God with us this season and learn from the stories of the women.

Advent 2023 Guided Meditations

Throughout these weeks leading up to Christmas, we will look at Luke chapter 1, a chapter that focuses on the months leading up to the birth of Jesus, solidifying that from the beginning of his life that women played a prominent role.

Growing up in the white evangelical church, I didn’t pay much attention to Mary, the mother of Jesus. She was for the Catholics, and we proudly declared we didn’t pray to anyone but God and Jesus. The song lyric from Silent Night comes to mind, “Round Yon Virgin, Mother and Child.” Blah, next. She wasn’t interesting to me at all. 

But this year in the lead up to Advent, I spent time in the first couple chapters of Luke, which gives Mary a lot of airtime. Luke chapter 1 in particular focuses on Mary, and in the interaction between Mary and her cousin Elizabeth we see them exhibiting Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love, which are the traditional themes for each week of Advent. Each Friday in December I will share a new meditation that goes with the upcoming Sunday's Advent theme. I hope you enjoy them!

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