Harvesting Wisdom from Doubt Guided Meditation

May this meditation help you turn toward and hold space for your questions and doubt.

Harvesting Wisdom from Doubt Guided Meditation

Doubt is not an enemy to faith, but a companion. So many of us were handed a black and white view of the world, and now we find ourselves exploring the gray. Author Philip Yancey calls “the borderlands of belief,” Richard Rohr calls it “the edge of the outside.” 

Maybe you find yourself on the edges of a religious structure you used to belong to because of questions that you couldn’t get good answers to. Maybe people around you feared your doubt. The human brain craves certainty, yet faith requires a humility inherent to being honest about all that you do not know for sure, but that you still might hope for. Uncertainty can be felt as a threat, but uncertainty, questions, and doubt can serve as a powerful tool for growth and deeper connection with the sacred.

Today in this practice, in the quiet space of our hearts, together we’ll acknowledge the presence of doubt. We will hold space for doubt together.

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